Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Welcome Cathy Seipp Fans!

I'm going to be revitalizing this nearly-abandoned blog. I've done most of my posting at The Festering Swamp, to this blog's detriment. The Festering Swamp is a group blog that celebrates the work and life of the late Cathy Seipp. I'll be doing more writing in that vein here.

Comments are now working. I'm using the Blogger commenting system for now; later I may switch to Haloscan, if I can only get it to work. I was stymied by the inability to download my template. I can't find the option to do so in the settings, although Blogger says it is supposed to be there. So for now I'll try Blogger comments and see how it works.

So if you've got something nice to say about Cathy Seipp, please say so here!

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