Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Showdown At The Festering Swamp

This new blog, set up by some of my commenting pals from the late Cathy Seipp's blog, has become a beast. As in "feed the beast". It demands more time, more words. Must ... be ... fed.

So I have a good excuse for not frequently posting. You'll see more of my stuff festering there than here.

We just had a pretty good discussion earlier today on abortion, the weather and the merits of basil, tomato and goat-cheese pizza.

We're being nice to each other, in part I think because we're still stunned by Cathy's death last month. It wasn't unexpected, as she had battled lung cancer for years. But the awful finality is something you can't really understand until it happens. She lived a good life, short as it was.

Or maybe we're being so darn nice because we're so contrary. I half-expected a flame war to break out on abortion, which I posted on. And I hinted as much.

But just to confound me, everyone was thoughtful. Passionate, direct, but also respectful. The very opposite behavior of what tech publisher Tim O'Reilly fretted about in his ill-fated call for a bloggers' code of conduct.

Where, oh where did I go wrong?

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