Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the Dextrosphere!

There's a new conservative blog in San Diego. Red County/San Diego, made its cyber-debut Thursday with contributions from local Republican leaders and discussion of news relating to San Diego County.

Contributors include Rep. Brian Bilbray, Encinitas City Councilman Jerome Stocks, State Senator Mark Wyland (38th District), Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R-74th District), former La Mesa councilman Barry Jantz and Jennifer Jacobs, partner in the public affairs and political consulting firm Coronado Communications.

Friday's postings include a piece by Bilbray on the Iraq war. Bilbray criticized a nonbinding resolution in the House of Representatives opposing President Bush's "surge" plan. Bilbray said the resolution is a waste of time.

Wyland contributed an item on illegal immigration that praised Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as "the only major Republican candidate who is willing to be tough on this issue."

The blog also includes a news roundup featuring copious links to articles in the North County Times and Union-Tribune.

Sporting the motto, "Politics from the Center Right," RCSD is the third in a series of Red County blogs from Partisan Media Group. The Red County blogs are complemented by a print magazine, Red County.

My favorite headline so far is from Jacobs, "Is Being a Blogger Bad?"

I sure hope not!

(The article is actually a discussion of her parents' views of bloggers, which segues into Bank of America going after the illegal immigrant market with credit cards that don't require Social Security numbers in the application. And there's an advantage to this for everyone -- a relaxation of the widespread use of SSNs for non-governmental purposes. Overuse of these numbers makes identity theft easier).

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