Sunday, January 14, 2007

Amy Alkon -- Snubbed by the WSJ!

Amy, aka Advice Goddess, recently wrote about an obnoxious cell-phone blabber. The blabber, Eva Burgess, was so inconsiderate to those around her that she freely dispensed all sorts of personal information no one cared to hear, instead of taking her call outdoors.

Alkon wrote:

Hey, Eva, I know it’s kinda cold in NYC, where you’re apparently from (according to the area code you helpfully dispensed), but here in sunny southern California, at the moment you were talking, it was 58 degrees. Next time, you might take your business outside –- as exciting as I found it, on a morning I would normally have relaxed to the classical music while eating my breakfast and thinking my own thoughts, to instead be a part of your eyecare needs.

The Wall Street Journal picked up on this story in a warped fashion. While Amy decried the bad manners of the blabber, the WSJ article "The Snoop Next Door", made it seem as if the rude, intrusive persons were somehow being spied upon. Worse, Amy talked at length with the reporter, but didn't even get her blog mentioned.

Although the reporter, Jennifer Saranow, spent hours talking to me by phone and e-mail about my various "blogslappings" of the undercivilized, I ended up as mere background (grrr!). I told her she might warn people of that when she interviews them in the future. She thought that was good advice. Yeah, I'm all about good advice.

Bloggers and others who'd like a mention in an article should keep this in mind if Saranow calls and asks you to do the heavy lifting.

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