Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Video snippet reposts

These got somehow deleted from my blog, so here they are again

Harvey Seipp describes the nascent toddler beginnings of daughter Cathy Seipp's noted independent streak.

Dr. Mike Kennedy, famed surgeon, boatsman and Dick Cheney fan, talks of his Seippophilia and how much fun the bash is.

Snippet at the Cathy Seipp tribute in which Cathy Seipp's physical attributes are compared to that of Mussolini, not unfavorably.

Gary McVey, FoC and executive director of the American Cinema Foundation, gives his warm greetings to those of Cathy's fans who could not be at her roast/tribute on Sept. 10, with special words of thanks to milblogger Odysseus "Ody", who makes it all possible.

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