Monday, September 11, 2006

Mo' Cathy Seipp Tribute Fotos

Below are a few more photos I took from the Seipp bash on Sunday.

The sacred Seipp festivities were rudely interrupted by a Commie intruder, wearing the name of the treasonous New York Crimes. He was promptly taken into custody and fed to rabid raccoons.

Sandra Tsing Loh's radiant face contorts in what was either agony or ecstasy -- I couldn't tell which.

Matt Welch, the scarily respectable-looking assistant editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times, puts in a few good words for Cathy. Immediately after his speech, Welch bit the head off a live opossum, quoted from Homer's Odyssey in classic Greek pentameter, then demonstrated an elegant, concise proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Jill Stewart, political writer and relentless scourge of complacent feeders off the public trough, joins the crowd scanning to see the monitors in the afternoon glare.

LYT, the insane DJ, did his thang and kept the mooooosik moooovin'.

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