Monday, September 11, 2006

He's not Luke-warm

Luke Ford, one of the most, uh, singular of Cathy's wacky menagerie of friends, looks totally wholesome, even movie star material, as he roars during Cathy's roast. You would never think that he -- oh, never mind.

UPDATE -- Ford has a 12-question interview with Cathy in LAist. The site notes by way of explaining Ford:

"One of Cathy's best friends is the controversial local journalist Luke Ford, whom you might have seen on the cover of the LA Weekly's "LA People" edition this April. Luke is so controversial, in fact, that Pajamas Media let him go just days after hiring him, before he even wrote one word. Some presume that Luke's resume was brought to the attention of some at PM who probably should have seen it before accepting him. Luke, you see, is probably the world's best journalist in the adult video world."

LAist is right as far as it goes, but Ford is a good journalist, period. His interviews are thoughtful and comprehensive, even if he does tend to obsess on lesbian questions. And he has a good sense of ethics, unlike some of journalism's prima donnas that, for example, don't see anything wrong with sock puppetry. True, Luke would give Pajamas notoriety, his care with facts would also bring credibility. A lack of tolerance for oddballs may seem to be playing it safe, but in blogland it's just boooooor-ringggg.

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