Friday, August 04, 2006

Wireless joy -- The LG VX9800

Pleasanter subject matter than yesterday: my newest gadget. It's the LG VX9800 cell/camera/video/e-mail/Web/MP3 player/organizer phone. I've left out a few goodies. I reviewed this amazingly full-featured "kitchen sink" phone last year, and finally got one of my own from Verizon Wireless.

While the buzz is about Verizon's new "chocolate phone"; the VX 9800 is what I've wanted for months. Here's just one example of its usefulness: I bookmark the North County Times' traffic report pages, so I can quickly check conditions before heading to work or home. I can get that info anywhere without needing to be at a computer.

The chocolate phone has some nice additional features, such as video recording time of up to one hour, (versus 15 seconds), but I have no regrets about getting the VX9800, which has gotten very positive reviews from the geek community. It is simply a well-engineered, solid piece of gadgetry. But Verizon hid one of its best features, the MP3 player, so you'll have to find it by yourself. More about this phone later.

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