Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This 'n' That

JournalSpace is finally up, after an Internet eternity offline. Well, the company kept its word about being up on Tuesday. The question is, how many people are going to trust JS after this debacle?

* * *

Well, another Jason Leopold "scoop" has failed to materialize. Leopold wrote over the weekend at Truthout.org that Bush advisor Karl Rove had been indicted. The report in Truthout was flat-out denied by Rove's attorney. The whole thing looks now like another phony story by the discredited "journalist" writing in a left-wingnut site.

The Wall Street Journal (paid subscribers only) writes about the meltdown of the story. Part of it focuses on the role of those bloggers in spreading misinformation.

"Mainstream news organizations say bloggers can say something is going to happen every day for months and then claim to be ahead of the pack when it does -- or forget about it when it doesn't. Bloggers complain that traditional reporters don't credit them for scoops when they are proved right."

That's true. And the Journal article does note that Leopold had "worked for a number of mainstream news organizations." It doesn't mention, perhaps out of shame, that one of those organizations was Dow Jones Newswires, a sister news outlet.

Much of the blogging community was skeptical of Leopold's latest fizzled exclusive. It only gained traction among the loony lefters, who are willing to believe anything bad about the Bush Administration. The WSJ story should have pointed that out.

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