Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Peruse Patterico's Pontifications

I know -- yet more Michael Hiltzik discussion. But I couldn't resist linking to Patterico's latest post, which points out suggestions I made about how the Los Angeles Times can communicate to the public. Subject: What happened with its errant business columnist. Like, y'know, printing it in the newspaper.

But Dean Baquet, the top Los Angeles Times editor, is in a bind. Those reading the LA Times print edition are confused about just why Hiltzik's blog and business column was taken away. Meanwhile, Web sites such as those by Patterico and Kevin Roderick are stealing the Times' thunder by posting much more detailed accounts about Hiltzik's transgressions. Even the Times' Web site hosted a blog discussion of Hiltzik. Readers who stick to the Times print edition for their information about this matter are the least-informed of all.

Baquet must be totally oblivious to the effect this info-brownout has on the reputation of the Times print edition. Or maybe he's got some wacky non-disclosure agreement that allows him to discuss details of Hiltzik's offenses at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, but not in the print edition of the paper.

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