Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Papers beat cable?

Independent Sources did a nice job comparing the Channel Island column criticized by Patterico with another report of cable news networks (generically speaking) in the trade publication Media Week.

The comparison showed that the LA Times column used the numbers that made Fox look worst. But far more interesting to me was this nugget of analysis from IS:

"We also think cable TV news is feeling the effect of free news on the internet even more than print newspapers. The 25-54 numbers drop more than the overall audience because younger cable TV news viewers are moving to the internet for their news. News has always had the highest average audience age in cable — soon there won’t be any 25-54 (well, 25-40) year olds watching."

Print media holding up better than cable TV news. Amazing, if this is true. And heartening for the newspapers, if they are diligent building up their Web sites.

However, IS deserves to get dinged for its not so fair and balanced references to CNN and Fox. The former is called "left leaning" without qualification, while IS only refers to Fox's "presumed partisanship."

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