Friday, May 05, 2006

Kudos to LA Times Borderline blog

The LA Times has made good use of its immigration blog to debunk a purported list of facts about immigration that allegedly was reported by the Times itself. Thanks to Kevin Roderick's LA Observed for pointing this out.

Info-pollution is the bad side of the blogsphere and e-mail. People who get their facts wrong can spread their ignorance at the speed of light. There's a large number of people who will believe anything they see on the Internet or get in an oft-forwarded e-mail, complete with all the >>>>s and other junky formatting. I have become well-known in my own office for pointing out such Internet e-mail hoaxes.

After all the Internet screwups the LA Times has had, it's heartening to see some staffers there are proficient at the fine art of fisking.

I hope the blogs who have propagated this list will also point out the Times' debunking. You can't have an honest discussion about how to deal with illegal immigration, or any other issue, if you don't have accurate information.

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