Saturday, May 13, 2006

JournalSpace finally explains it . . . somewhat

Somewhat more than an hour ago, JournalSpace finally had the courtesy to post a notice about its outage. The cause, it said, was a hard drive failure plus errors in the backup.

This is totally unacceptable. It's not just the hard drive failure, or the failure of the backup (which is bad enough), but the delay in letting people know what was wrong. That couldn't have taken more than a few minutes. All that was needed was to post a message that JournalSpace is temporarily offline. Instead, JournalSpace left users and readers in the dark for an entire day.

This makes the glitches Blogger has had (down for an hour or two) in the last week seem trivial. And Google isn't going to screw up the data backups. I was briefly toying with the idea of looking for another blog hoster, but the JournalSpace fiasco has killed that idea. Most of the time, Blogger is a pleasure to work with, and no one else has the resources or incentive Google has to make things work.

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