Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jason Leopold has no shame

This weekend, Leopold claimed that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has indicted Bush political aide Karl Rove. While that may indeed happen, none of the mainstream media reporters who cover the story have made that claim.

Leopold gained notoriety for his unsubstantiated reporting about former Enron executive Thomas White in the online magazine, which retracted his story. Leopold also admitted being challenged over his accuracy with a previous employer, Dow Jones. He's tried to bounce back since then, only to repeatedly stumble in his own mud.

The link is about a book Leopold tried to publish last year about the failings of journalists, a subject with which he has extensive first-hand experience. But the book publisher withdrew the book after it said a fact in the book could not be confirmed.

Leopold has degenerated to playing to the tinfoil hat brigade of the left, who eagerly lap up sensational charges against the Bush Adminstration, but are less than meticulous about checking out whether the charges are true. (In this, they are like their mirror image on the far right).

The gory story of Leopold's downfall in his veracity-challenged Salon article is here.

Believe Jason Leopold? Only if someone else with great credibility and record of accuracy says the same thing.

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