Sunday, April 30, 2006

Welcome, North County Times Readers!

So you were curious enough to visit my new blog after reading the column about it in the North County Times. I'm flattered, and grateful. Please look around -- I suggest reading from the bottom to the top.

There's a grab bag of items here that reflect my varied tastes in journalism, science and personal activities. Be sure to look at my links to Web sites I like. Perhaps you'll like them too.

I apologize for the sometimes amateurish layout, especially for the early items. In the industry jargon, I'm a "print geek," mainly concerned with words. Layout and typography are not my strong suits. At the North County Times, other people handle that for me. But since this is a personal blog of mine, (see the inevitable disclaimer underneath my blog name) I don't get the benefit of that help.

Although this is my personal venture, I hope this blog will teach me skills applicable at my day job. The North County Times is increasingly a Web-based and interactive publication. And as far as interactivity goes, I plan to enable comments here in the not too distant future. But I'm still very new at this, and don't want to start something I can't do well. For the immediate future, just keeping this blog regularly updated is enough of a challenge.

But if you wish to send me your impressions of the site, good and bad, and advice for how to make it better, please do so. For the moment, you can e-mail me at bradley (at) sandiego dot com or my work address, bfikes (at) nctimes dot com. (Automated programs called spambots harvest email addresses off of Web sites, so spelling out the e-mail addresses is necessary).

Once again, thank you for spending some time here, and I hope you find it worth your while.


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