Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sites I like

I mentioned in the previous post that lockstep partisan sites that see no evil on their side or mangle the facts turn me off. Sites that place facts first and take care not to mislead are what I look for on the Web. A few of them are in my link list: Cathy Seipp, Talking Points Memo and Washington Monthly. Seipp is semi-conservative, while the latter two are on the moderate left. They are all careful with their facts, although people can disagree about the interpretation of those facts. The Volokh Conspiracy is a centrist/libertarian-leaning blog of attorneys and law professors. It's scrupulous about factuality.

Even bloggers who get angry can be worth reading, if their anger is leavened with accurate information. Pharyngula, aka P.Z. Myers, (on Science Blogs, on my list) is a liberal atheist biologist who is especially angered by creationists and their intelligent design allies. But Myers doesn't just hurl abuse, he backs up his anger with references to the scientific literature. He describes fascinating facts about biology and puts them into context. Here is one example of Myers at work that illustrates how, even when wrathful, he's instructive.

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