Monday, April 17, 2006

On Hewitt's gibe

Just to refresh my memory of what triggered the latest Hewitt-Hiltzik food fight, I reread Hewitt's gibe at the LA Times. Hewitt mocked the poor performance of the Times' Chicago-based corporate parent thusly:

"Cue the doom music.

So what will the Los Angeles Times do?

Double the number of Joel Stein columns?"

I snickered. Hewitt's snark at Mr. "500,000 people, and no one called me?" was spot on.

My choice to replace the Rula Lenska of Los Angeles is Brady Westwater, aka LA Cowboy. But plenty of others -- Nikki Finke, Robert Scheer, Hugh Hewitt, Cathy Seipp or even Phil Hendrie -- would be a vast improvement.

Note: spelling of "gibe" corrected thanks to Laura Groch, the eagle-eyed North County Times features editor/style maven, who noticed I had misspelled the word as "jibe."

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