Sunday, April 23, 2006

Michael Crichton: Psychic, global warming expert

Those who get their science on global warming from Michael Crichton should consider this, a classic post from commentator Patterico (Patrick Frey):

"I really like Michael Crichton. I think he’s a brilliant man. And he writes interesting books. I’ve read most of them. So when I first read Travels, I tried to be open-minded. I tried to see my aura, and to bend spoons. I really did.

But none of it worked. I decided that the “auras” he was describing were just an optical illusion. And I couldn’t bend spoons. And I didn’t want to take peyote and wander in the desert. I started to get the feeling that perhaps Crichton had taken one too many hits of peyote himself."

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