Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's San Diego State UNIVERSITY!!

Courtesy of my pal and fellow Aztecker Jamie Reno,* I found this blasphemy on the Associated Press, from reporter Larry Neumeister:

Retrial opens in 9/11 questioning case


NEW YORK -- A college student hampered investigators looking into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by lying about his associations with one of two hijackers, a prosecutor told a jury at the start of a perjury retrial.

"He lied repeatedly," Assistant U.S. Attorney Brendan McGuire said Wednesday of 25-year-old Osama Awadallah.

McGuire told the U.S. District Court jury that Awadallah lied just days after the 2001 attacks, when investigators were trying to learn all they could about the terrorists and "every piece of information was important, every detail mattered."

Awadallah, a San Diego State College student, denied to a grand jury probing the attacks that he had written the name of a hijacker in an exam book, but realized his mistake and fixed it five days later, his lawyer said. . .


*PS -- Jamie is San Diego correspondent for Newsweek, which unfortunately is hosted on MSNBC's Web site. (Microsoft and journalism don't mix well.)

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