Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goodbye, Danny Boy!

Dan McSwain is the most wired, connected, and organized database impersonating a human I've ever known. I worked next to Dan as a fellow business reporter, and when he made the great leap forward to becoming editorial editor.

No, Dan isn't about to punch me.

Staff photo by F. Stop Fitzgerald.

Believe me, I took advantage of his voluminous knowledge. Dan's database is much more accessible than anything Microsoft ever wrote, and speaks English!

Besides that, Dan was a pleasure to work alongside. His new employers at the Union-Tribune made a helluva catch. Dan and Janet. Two great folks, two great journalists who will be missed at the NCT.

At least I can be assured of seeing Dan twice a day -- while he's stuck in traffic along the I-15 with about 15 million other motorists. Ah, the pleasures of a reverse commute . . .

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